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Being Green
is smart,

and kinda hot.

DO THE RIGHT THING: We believe in leaving people, places and all things better than the way we found it. We have one planet, so our goal is to tread as lightly as possible. WLDKAT never wants the manufacturing of our products to create unnecessary pollution or damage to Mother Earth.

Our mission is to take products that had one life, give them a second life and then ask you to give them a third.

Our stance on packaging:

We gave it a second life; you give it a third. PCR or PCW (AKA Post-Consumer Resin or Waste) is the technical lingo for plastic that has been recycled. Post-Industrial Waste comes from left over materials after goods are produced. The plastic waste is collected, sorted and re-purposed to make different types of "new" packaging. This includes ocean plastics, which are post-consumer resins made from plastics that are floating in our oceans. Solving the landfill and ocean plastic epidemic lies in awareness, and as a company, we're working to make everyday choices have a healthier impact on this big blue planet.

Bio Resin Plastics

Our tubes are a sugarcane-based alternative to conventional plastic (think fossil fuels), and can be recycled like traditional virgin plastic. This means a lower carbon footprint and allows you to recycle the packaging. So. DOPE.

Renewable / Wind Energy

Wind Energy is free and never-ending. It is a source of clean, non-polluting electricity and we make it our priority to work with factories that use it. Unlike conventional power plants, wind plants emit no air pollutants or greenhouse gases.

Made in the USA

Manufacturing our goods in the USA means we limit our carbon footprint, the leading cause of climate change.

Keep checking back with us as options are sustainable packaging are constantly evolving. As more companies and technology come on board, we will all have more options to do right by the planet.