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WLDKAT in Chief

Founder Amy Zunzunegui

After spending 20 years creating industry-altering beauty products for Urban Decay, Amy decided to take on the skincare space.

Exhausted by the complexity of the industry, she went back to basics creating a lineup of products that address the most universal of skin needs: hydration and protection without irritation. ​Marrying the ideas of products that are both serious in how they work and seriously interesting in the way they look, she created WLDKAT.

My WLD ride.

On day one, I threw out that mythical skincare rulebook that said formulas had to be overly complex (yet somehow still not deliver) and packaging had to be predictable. Creating clean (free-of-2700-ingredients-clean,) vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable products that delivered was the mission.

Each formula is loaded with some of earth’s wild ingredients, then mixed with modern technology, and housed in sustainable packaging full of personality and attitude. My goal was to limit questionable chemicals and as much excess waste as possible. I believe the ultimate skincare compliment is: "
OMG, your skin is glowing". So, we tested and tried each and every formula to make sure they all deliver the one thing we all crave…GLOW.

Clean, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable skincare that delivers. That’s Wild.




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