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WLDKAT vs. Those other guys. What sets WLDKAT SKIN apart from the rest?


    • Femxle founded and fronted.
    • We’re a team of beauty industry veterans with 40 years of collective experience, and cannabis experts with 15 years developing products in their respective field.
    • Formulated in partnership with chemists to develop the industries freshest formulations.
    • Triple lab testing. Wanna see the reports? Shoot us an email at to view a copy. We’re always happy to share.
    • We use Broad Spectrum CBD over processed and stripped-down CBD Isolate.
    • Packaging consciously sourced and designed to work with the planet’s best interest in mind, using post-consumer recycled materials as much as possible.
    • We want to redefine beauty and skincare essentials by using clean and sustainably sourced ingredients.
    • Consciously reducing our carbon footprint by making goods in the USA.
    • Vegan and Cruelty free. Always.
    • No synthetic fragrances.

    What at WLDKAT is sustainable?

    Here at WLDKAT, we never want the manufacturing of our products to create avoidable pollution or cause damage to the planet and its dwellers. We know you value transparency because it means EVERYTHING to us too. Sourcing our packaging from green channels using recycled paper, bio resin sugarcane plastic, and post-consumer recycled plastics is our current plan and as we grow and evolve, so will our packaging capabilities.


    What kind of CBD do you use?

    We use broad-spectrum CBD grown and extracted using organic practices.


    But what is broad-spectrum CBD?

    Unlike CBD isolate products, which are stripped of all other cannabinoids and terpenes, broad-spectrum CBD carries multiple cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant that helps support “The Entourage Effect”. The Entourage Effect occurs when these compounds (like CBD) and other nutritious plant matter work together intelligently, like a tight-knit community, to bring about the most effective and efficient results.

    It’s kinda like comparing canned frozen OJ concentrate to fresh, cold-pressed juice. News Flash: you, and your skin, deserve the fresh juice.


    Wait, will this get me high?  

    The short answer: No. You will never get high, baked, or stoned while using any WLDKAT Skin products. Fair warning though, your skin will look lit AF.

    Broad-spectrum CBD is non-psychoactive and has an untraceable amount of THC.


    Will this effect drug tests?

    Drug tests vary as to what compounds are being analyzed, so we are unable to make any claims or guarantees regarding use of our products and drug tests.


    How should I store my CBD products?

    We suggest keeping WLDKAT products:

    • At room temperature
    • Out of direct sunlight.
    • Do not freeze.


    Can I use your products while I’m pregnant?

    We recommend consulting your doctor before using ours any CBD product.


    Are CBD products illegal?

    When the Farm Bill passed in 2018 it stated that hemp derived products including CBD, were deemed federally legal. State governments still have the final say on how exactly these products can be cultivated, manufactured, and purchased within their state lines. Current laws in 2020 state that products containing CBD are legal in all states except for Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.


    Are there age restrictions to purchase your CBD products?

    Hemp-based CBD does not have an age limit or restriction when purchasing.


    Are your products suitable for children?

    If under the age of 18, we recommend consulting your doctor.


    Where is WLDKAT sold?

    WLDKAT skin is available at, and in all Credo locations.


    Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

    We’re working our very best to have orders ship out ASAP—it should ship within 72 hours of your purchase. Have a question about your order? Email us at and we'll gladly help you out!




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