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Welcome to WLDKAT,

where beauty (and life) is anything but routine.

WLDKAT was created when our founder Amy Z. called BS on skincare complexity. After 20 years making industry-altering beauty products (Naked palettes and Primer Potion anyone?), and testing thousands of formulas and ingredients along the way, she was over (unfulfilled) promises of the skincare aisle. So, she got back to basics – crazy glowy skin that’s hydrated, protected and not irritated. Imagine that. Pairing the earth’s wild ingredients with modern technology into sustainable packaging that looks sick in a shelfie, she created WLDKAT. No system, no routine, no rulebook – just skin essentials that flex with you and set your glow free. These are serious, hardworking, and effective formulas housed in modern packaging that feel fresh and unexpected. Earth's wild ingredients paired with modern technology for skin that glows. That’s Wild.


Being in thebeauty industry for over two decades has been a crazy journey, and I’ve loved (almost)every minute of it.  It is an industrythat gives each one of us some of our most coveted products; products that wefeel a connection to when we use them or see them sitting on our bathroomshelves. These are the products that make us feel good inside and out. 

But skincaredoesn’t have to come in a plain white box or use the same three ingredients tobe effective. Like humans, global skincare[AR1] [AZ2]  is multifaceted and interesting, and I’malways on the hunt for ingredients and ideas that up our game. 

From day one, Iset out to create a skincare experience that feels different and maybe at timesa bit like an act of rebellion. WLDKAT shouldn’t feel like your other beautyproducts because we’re not interested in being like everyone else. Ouringredients and packaging work hard but step away from the basic blandrulebook. Our formulas give you a sensorial experience with textures and smellsthat come from the actual ingredients.

But don’t let ourdifferent outsides fool you, this is hard-working skincare. (Sounds likepeople, huh[AR3] [AZ4] [AZ5] ?)

WLDKAT is clean,vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable skincare that work[AR6] [AZ7]  and give an experience that feels fresh and fun[AR8] . Our products have personality.They can stand on [AZ9] their own, play nice with your other ride[AR10] -or-dies,and when used together are pretty damn powerful…kind of like us. [AD11] 

We are so happy you found WLDKAT and wehope you stay with us for our journey. 




FEMALE FRONTED BIG FACT: Only 16% of venture-backed companies are founded by womxn. Jaw drop. With stats like this, we’re proud to be a femxle fronted brand. We’ve made it a priority spotlight and uplift womxn in all aspects of their lives. That’s Wild.
Less Marketing More Transparency
We know that clear communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship so ask us anything. Transparency is kind of our thing, which is why we clearly list our ingredients (including CBD), where the products are made, and the materials we source for every package. No skeletons in the WLDKAT closet. Got a question? We have answers. Follow along or reach out. What’s even more wild? If you hate the product, we’ve got you covered there too. Reach out and we’ll make it right. Always.