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We believe in creating skincare that’s an extension of your personal style. Not a system, routine or outdated rulebook, but skin essentials that flex WITH you. What’s our M.O? To make hardworking and effective formulas that aren’t overthought, over-designed and play well with whatever else you’ve got on your shelf. 
Less obsession. More self-worship.


Our mission is to bring you results without a list of questionable
ingredients that are toxic or could potentially harm you or the planet.
Less weird fillers. More real ingredients.
At WLDKAT, we know that clear communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and we love ya’ll. That’s why when you pick up any of our products, it clearly states if it contains CBD and the number of milligrams that are used in each product. When in doubt, read your labels. CBD is hot on the scene as a buzzy ingredient and it seems like everyone wants to jump on the green wave. Unfortunately, unclear use of marketing words like “Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil” on packaging can lead you to believe there is CBD in the product. Need a breakdown on the weird and wild world of CBD and how to navigate your labels? Follow along friend.
BIG FACT: Only 16% of venture-backed companies are founded by womxn. With stats like this, it’s vital to support femxle run brands that make it their priority to spotlight and uplift womxn in all aspects of their business. What better way to do so than upping your skincare game?