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Welcome to WLDKAT, where beauty never feels routine. We have zero interest in looking or acting like anyone else, we believe in being 1 of 1. We make products that are full of style and substance, just like each one of us. No system, no routine, no outdated rulebook, but instead skin essentials that flex WITH you. These are serious, hardworking, and effective formulas housed in modern packaging that should feel fresh and unexpected. Play Loud.

Less Obsession.
More Self Worship.

We only ask one thing of you: Be gentle with yourself. We gotta stop obsessing over the bullsh%t. Remember that nobody can love you the way you do.

Always Clean, Vegan, + Cruelty-Free.

Less weird fillers.
More real ingredients.

Our product ingredients are a blend of what you know plus what’s next in skincare. Our mission? To bring you results without using ingredients that are toxic or could potentially harm you, or our planet.  These are highly effective formulas are free of over 2700 questionable ingredients. Seriously. When in doubt, read your labels.

Less Marketing B.S.
More Transparency.

We know that clear communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship so ask us anything. Transparency is kind of our thing, which is why we clearly list our ingredients (like the kind of CBD we use and the milligrams in each bottle), where the products are made, and the materials we source for every package. No skeletons in the WLDKAT closet.

On the topic of CBD, since there is a ton of mis-information and marketing fluff floating around, we encourage you to always read the labels. Hint: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil isn't CBD.

Need a breakdown on the weird and wild world of CBD? Follow along friend.

BIG FACT: Only 16% of venture-backed companies are founded by womxn. Jaw drop. With stats like this, it's vital to support femxle fronted brands that make it their priority to spotlight and uplift womxn in all aspects of their business. What better way to do so than upping your skincare game?