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Zoom glow to go refillable travel kit with black travel bag and travel size of patchouli cherimoya gel cleanser orchid stem cell magnolia berry eye gel ginger kombucha skin tonic and mushroom moss gel cream moisturizer
Zoom glow to go refillable travel kit travel size of patchouli cherimoya gel cleanser orchid stem cell magnolia berry eye gel ginger kombucha skin tonic and mushroom moss gel cream moisturizer
Zoom swatches of the products in the refillable glow to go travel kit including travel size of patchouli cherimoya gel cleanser orchid stem cell magnolia berry eye gel ginger kombucha skin tonic and mushroom moss gel cream moisturizer
Zoom model with glowing skin from having applied wldkat clean sustainable skincare
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GLOW-TO-GO refillable travel kit

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clean. glow. brighten.

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Four must-haves from WLDKAT, each formulated to provide hydration, glow, and protection without any irritation. Designed for any and all skin types, concerns, and goals—level up your current routine or create new healthy skin habits in 30 days. Cozied up in a reusable & wipeable pouch that is built to last, each of these “babies” are housed in refillable bottles, (made of recycled plastics) so you can use and refill them again and again. Plus, we threw in a full-size Orchid Stem Cell + Magnolia Berry adaptogen eye gel.

Step 1: Patchouli + Cherimoya Gel Cleanser (1.0 oz): Concentrated formula works into a serious lather to remove makeup and promote a smooth and glowing complexion.

Step 2: Ginger + Kombucha Skin Tonic (1.0 oz): Tone and "prime" skin with hydration for radiant, dewy skin. Black Tea Ferment and Ginger Root Extract leave skin looking bright and bouncy.

Step 3: Mushroom + Moss Moisturizing Gel Cream (0.5 oz): Daily hydration that doesn’t weigh you down. This quick-absorbing, gel cream formula helps skin adapt to environmental change, hold moisture, and control oil production for a supple glow.

Step 4: Orchid Stem Cell + Magnolia Berry Adaptogen Eye Gel (0.4 oz): A lightweight, cooling eye gel that brightens, soothes, and restores the moisture barrier around the eyes.

GLOW-TO-GO refillable travel kit

$23 Regular price $39

What's in it?

Patchouli – Aromatic and woodsy, this long-trusted herb helps fight inflammation and balances out skin’s natural oil production.

Cherimoya – A natural source of vitamin C, which reveals skin’s brightness and radiance, and supports homeostasis, to improve skin health and well-being.

Ginger Root Extract – Comprised of over 40 antioxidant properties, ginger fades scars, evens the skin tone, and improves elasticity. It’s also known for antiseptic qualities that fight bacteria, keeping acne at bay.

Kombucha – A topical probiotic that works as a cushy protective barrier that strengthens skin's natural ability to defend itself against environmental damage.

Snow Mushroom Extract – Rich in vitamin D, amino acids, and minerals, this hydrating powerhouse delivers 400 times more hydrating properties to the skin than sodium hyaluronate.

MossCellTec™ – Hits skin with hydration and protects it from urban assailants like smog, pollution, and climatic stresses. With mosses unusual adaptable abilities, the resilient plant has existed from the prehistoric age until today.

Orchid Stem Cells – Calanthe discolor is a woodland orchid originally cultivated in lush, humid forests in the warmest regions of Japan, now sourced though responsible and sustainable gardening. These flowering plants have unique self-renewing and self-repairing abilities and are loadedwith anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Magnolia Berry – This vine plant native to the forests of Northern China (aka Five-Flavored Berry), is an antioxidant rich, adaptogen laced super-fruit. Helps to treat the delicate skin around the eye and fight external stressors, while helping improve overall bounce and hydration.

Sustainable Packaging

Designed, formulated, and manufactured in the USA. Each of these bottles is made of 100% post consumer recylcled plastic and meant to be refillled and reused. The glass is recylable. The bag is built to last and can be reused over and over again.


Please show us someone who doesn’t love miniature things. We’ll wait..Inspired by the moments of sacrificing our skincare routine essentials when we hit the road or crash at our s.o’s place, this Glow-To-Go Refillable Travel Kit works in harmony with your skin to keep you clean, glowing, hydrated, and exxxtra dewy on the daily. Each product is made with all skin types in mind, is completely vegan, and cruelty-free. All WLDKAT products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, mineral oil, silicones, and weird synthetic dyes. This is your (CUTE + refillable) go-to for healthy-looking skin day and night, no matter where you are.


Green please.

Our Sustainability Pledge.

To help ensure the manufacturing of our products doesn't create unnecessary pollution or damage to Mother Earth, we have signed on to #StopSingleUse Plastic with our partners at Credo. We are committed to using post-consumer recycled material wherever possible. We have one home. Don't trash it.

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