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Every. Damn. Day.

EVERY. DAMN. DAY.  Introducing Orchid Stem Cell +⁠ Magnolia Berry adaptogen eye gel. Your daily treatment for eyes that crave a little extra TLC. This airy, lightweight formula works to...

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A Love Note To Mom

When you first meet my mom, her green hair might catch your eye. But don’t be distracted by the fact that she is the most determined, loving, and hard working...

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My name is Joshua. I’m fortunate enough to have had a career in beauty for 20ish years. I’ve hustled as a makeup artist in NYC. I’ve worked big beauty retail...

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WLDKAT is 1? That’s Wild.

WLDKAT is 1?  That’s Wild. One year ago, as the world went into lockdown, we were trying to launch a brand. We had the normal challenges of making sure the...

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Friends of WLDKAT - LC

Meet Friend of WLDKAT, LC. We caught up with the mom of 1 and PNW-based beauty to see how she balances life as a single mama, why Saffron + Oat...

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