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Why YOU need to dose yourself with Don’t Trip tincture, according to your zodiac sign.

Hey, real talk: Is 2020 taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions too? WOOF. Us too. If you’re looking for healthy option to combat the worries in your life, pick your head up and look to the sky. All the answers you’ve been looking for is written in the starsor most specially, your star signPaired with our new daily 1:1 CBD-CBG tinctureDon't Trip, we’re here to set you up with the tools to tackle the drama and spend a little more time in the chill zone. 

Aries:  A trend setter and a leader, y’all take on so many projects and responsibilities that you are frazzled AF! You can’t be everywhere at oncespicy one. Take a breath and stop over committingyou’re only human. It’s healthy to take your adventures one step at a time. Want a few healthy tips before you hit the road? Start your day with a dose of CBD before you hop on your morning bike ride, do your favorite online HIT class, or vibe out to some much-needed restorative yogaConnecting with yourself really is the greatest adventure you’ll ever be on.  

Taurus:  We all know how you can hold your ground (and cook a bomb meal on top of it) but the grudges you hold and willingness to let things go is only hurting yourself. Life is too short for bad energy, so don’t hold onto for too long. Instead spin your favorite records at the crib, sip on some homemade infused CBD water and make that new vegan recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Nourishing yourself and the people you love is what makes you feel like the best version of yourself, so bask in that sunlightmami 

Gemini:  We love your endless supply of creative ideas, but that internal (and external) chatter MUST be exhausting sometimes, no? Ease ya mind, Gemini. It’s important to turn off the brain sometimes. Our suggestion? Take a couple drops of DON’T TRIP and reschedule all of those digital happy hours, Zoom dates, and IG lives you have on your calendar, sis. Solo time offline will give you the energy to bring your best ideas to life NEXT week. 😊 

Cancer:  Oh, tender Cancer. So many feelings and so little time, but why aren’t you expressing your damn self?! Keeping your feeling inside can manifest as frustration, anxiety, and stress, and we ain’t having it! Protect your energy by connecting with yourself. Start your day with a guided meditation or speak daily affirmations to yourself in your bathroom mirror while you run through your skincare and wellness routine. Your feelings matter, sweet crab friend. Start by being kind to yourself. 

Leo:  We see you over there, boss! Taking charge and handling your business is muy fuego but, NEWS FLASH: Sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow. Expecting everything to go your way is no WAY of living a life, Lion babe. The world is chaotic, and we only have so much control, so let those around you take the reins at times. Start this practice by dosing yourself with a couple drops of DON’T TRIPthrowing on a silky robe and tying your hair back in sleek J-Lo-esque bun before your homegirl wants to talk with you about her relationship problems. Look cute, feel zen, and have the mentality to let HER do the talking? Sounds like a VIBE.  

Virgo:  You know DAMN WELL that perfection isn’t a real thing, but that never stopped you from trying, Virgo. But listen up, if you’re never happy unless it fits your ideal of “perfection”, you can end up missing out on A LOT of things that are pretty amazing. Our suggestion: Jump into a messy new hobby that doesn’t fit into a neat little box. Make a green smoothie with a couple hits of DON’T TRIP before you try your hand at painting with Bob Ross or planting a little garden next to your stoop. When the activity doesn’t require absolute perfection, your stress can take a back seat.  

Libra:  We love a balanced babe, Libra! But sometimes you stay silent to keep “the peace”. When you spot a moment of injustice, you can feel extra stressed, so speak up NOW instead of running the moment over in your mind again and again. Our suggestion: Cue up some SZA, pour yourself a glass of herbal tea (dosed with a couple drops of DON’T TRIP), and write down your feelings STAT. No need for a novel. Keep your statement clear and concise to maintain that serene nature. 

Scorpio:  Scorpio, you’re always so sexy and mysterious. You’re a tough nut to crack and people are DRAWN to that energy, so it STRESSES you TF out when you feel like your boundaries are being crossed and people are invading your space. Before launching into a heated convo with the perpetrator and setting healthy boundaries (we know ya’ll are numero uno when it comes to handling yourself during a “misunderstanding”), set yourself up for success by dosing yourself daily with DON’T TRIP to keep ya cool. Keep that stinger under wraps unless you truly need it. Nobody knows how you feel unless you let them know.  

Sagittarius:  The social butterfly of the entire zodiac, everyone loves your enthusiastic energy. Reminder Sag, sometimes people mistake your excitement as a “commitment” and that kind of pressure can take you to a stressful head space. Maintain your sense of freedom and relaxation by exploring something new to you. Drop some DON’T TRIP under your tongue and explore a new route while walking your dog, order pizza from that spot in the neighborhood that reminds you of that summer in Italy, or discover a new femxle writer that you’ve been meaning to check out.  

Capricorn:  Damn boo. How is it that you seem to effortlessly smash every obstacle and opportunity on minimal sleep? We all see how capable and successful you are, but you have a tendency for beating yourself up if you’re not killing it 365 in all aspects of life. That’s A LOT of pressure to put on yourself, my friendYour work, family, and crew are always going to be important, but nobody is going to take care of you like you can. Our favorite move? Dose yourself with DON’T TRIPthrow on an outfit that makes you feel like a BOSS and booty pop in front of that full length mirror in your bedroom (in that order 😊) to reset and give yourself some much-needed TLC.  

Aquarius:  The true alien of the zodiac, you really have no problem going your own way if the crew isn’t on the same page. You have enough energy and big ideas for an entire team of people but unfortunately, it’s just YOU driving the boat in this thing we call life. Time is not your enemy so all we can say is SLOW DOWN and focus on what’s actually important to you in the moment. If a little CBD and an evening of organizing your next soft protest meet up is all you do, ya did great! You’re making a difference in the world and you matter too. 😊 

Pisces:  Last but not least, a tribute to our favorite emotional sea creatureWe love a friend that knows how to “go with the flow, but slipping out of a situation and BOUNCING when the pressure is on won’t do you any favors, water baby. Need something to clear your head and get you back to a beach vacation mentality? Dose yourself with a couple drops of DON’T TRIP and do some solo daydreaming. A hike by a stream, a long cool bath after a wild workday, or give yourself a mini facial tonight to give yourself the reset you need. 



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