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What is Sustainable Skincare?

At WLDKAT, we don’t buy into the notion of being perfect in any aspect of our lives as perfection isn’t real, and even if it was, how boring would it be. We love imperfections and we love challenges. One of the biggest challenges we face today as a brand, is creating products that are ethical in the way they are made and brought to market.  We believe we have a moral obligation to think about the products we launch and how we can best protect our planet and its natural resources for future generations.

Unfortunately, the beauty industry is guilty of continuing to produce products that are not truly sustainable and that use harsh ingredients that can do damage.  At WK, we work to create products that minimize damage to our planet, its people and animals. 

It is our responsibility to take care of not only our customers but also our planet and its lifeforms. In every decision we make, right from choosing ingredients to manufacturing and packaging, sustainability plays a crucial role. We only make skincare that is good for your skin and better for Mother Earth.


Vegan ingredients + Cruelty-free

A majority of today’s beauty products contain ingredients that are animal derived, meaning they are not vegan. Carmine, beeswax, honey, and gelatin are still common, but there are extreme examples of formulas containing shark liver oil, ambergris and placenta. Though awareness about vegan beauty is growing, there is still confusion with ingredients making it difficult for vegan-conscious consumers to find vegan products.

It used to be standard practice to test products on animals before bringing them to market. Though this practice is outlawed in some places for certain industries, animal testing is still prevalent. Environmentalists as well as animal activists have been fighting against these practices for years and are beginning to make major strides in putting an end to animal testing. Consumers are also starting to realize the importance of this as we see cruelty-free beauty products going more mainstream.

In WLDKAT, each of the ingredients you find in our formulas is 100% vegan, most of them are plant-sourced, and all of them are gentle for all skin types. We are also strictly against testing our products on any animals. Hence, all of our beauty products are both vegan & cruelty-free. For instance, our SAFFRON + OAT MILK glow serum comes loaded with the goodness of Oat Milk, Saffron & Hyaluronic Acid, is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It gives you that perfect natural glow.


Responsible manufacturing

Manufacturing accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of the direct carbon emissions in the United States. Right from sourcing the ingredients to manufacturing products with machines that consume electricity, there are numerous ways through which the manufacturing process can end up leaving more carbon footprint.

At WLDKAT, we source as many ingredients as possible from local sources and manufacture our goods entirely within the United States. Thus, we limit our carbon footprint to a large extent which is the leading cause of climate change. We also ensure that the factories that manufacture our goods are responsible and value environmental conservation.


Sustainable Packaging

There is a continuous debate in most industries as to what defines sustainable packaging. The most common practice is for brands to use packaging that can be recycled. Though this is a step in the right direction, the unfortunate fact is that only 7-9% of materials put into the recycle trash can ends up being recycled. At WLDKAT, we don’t think that is sustainable enough.  

It has been our goal since day one to use as close to 100% post-consumer recycled waste and post-industrial recycled waste in all of our packaging (tubes, bottles, unit cartons and shipping boxes). In short, we use yesterday’s trash to make today’s packaging. Our mission is to take products that have lived their first life, give them a second life and ask you to give them a third. This way, we ensure our brand follows truly sustainable practices, but we ask that our customers participate in making more sustainable decisions.

Being Green is Smart. And kinda hot 

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