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What I’ve Learned From Taking Accutane – And What Serum I Can't Live Without

Written By: Mercedes Mincks

Hey Internet friends, I’m Mercedes- a WLDKAT enthusiast, east coast native, west coast transplant, and skincare junkie. If you’re reading this, you are either a loyal WLDKAT user like myself or maybe you are exploring some of their products. Either way, you have come to the right place. I’m writing today to tell you about a product that’s near and dear to my heart and if you’ve had the joy of living with acne, irritated skin or hyper pigmentation then you know the struggle is BEYOND real. I wanted to share why WLDKAT’s Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum has forever changed my skincare game and in my opinion is the best glow serum on the market.

First of all, let’s paint this picture very clearly, let’s go back ten’ish years. Lady Gaga wore her meat dress to the VMA’s, Beyonce announces that she is pregnant with Blue, Instagram was founded (feel old yet?) and here I am, fairly new to California and adult acne decides to fully set up shop in my life. Cool cool cool… Over the course of the next decade, I spent thousands of dollars on anything you could think of to rid myself of my new friend. Topicals, vitamins, new makeup (multiple times), new skincare products, changing my diet etc. and finally I decided that Accutane may be something I had to try. I had my hesitations, as do many others when it comes to this potent medicine. In my journey, this was the last possible option I wanted to entertain but after years of not feeling like myself every single day, hiding behind makeup to cover my acne, which just made it worse, I knew that I had to give it a shot.

I prepped myself and went down YouTube rabbit holes for hours everyday following along people’s journey with taking the medication. I was preparing myself for the worse. Accutane essentially is a very strong version of Vitamin A which stops oil production throughout your body- eliminating the likelihood of sweat and bacteria getting into pores which causes breakouts and irritations. Sounds fun right? Peeling skin, purging, chapped lips, fatigue, muscle aches, *no drinking* for 6-10 months. In my case the risk was worth the reward. In my experience I had a little bit of said side effects but no way near what I thought I would. All I knew was that this would forever change my skin, confidence and types of skincare products I could use in the future that I always had wanted to but couldn’t because treating my acne was the only thing I could ever focus on.

Fast forward from Jan 2020 til’ now. Turns out, doing Accutane during a pandemic was a blessing and a curse. I didn’t have to go to an office and show my peeling red face but being stuck in your house and not being able to have a glass of wine, not exactly fun. Even though I joke, all I can say is that I wish I had decided to go on Accutane 10 years ago. I now, never worry about my skin, which I honestly can’t even believe I am typing. If you’re my friend and reading this, you’re probably chuckling to yourself at that comment because the general topics of conversation in my past circled around my skin. How it looked, how it made me feel. I would cry, I’d cancel plans, I would avoid going places. You name it, it consumed my life.

Now that you know my entire life story, (insert harp music playing) here come all the new skincare products flooding into my life for the first time since I’ve never been able to explore. I needed to focus on evening out my skin tone (fyi, you pretty much need to be a vampire while on this medication) so my skin is incredibly sensitive to the sun and I developed hyper pigmentation. No acne anymore, but I do have some sunspots. Sort of a fair trade in my opinion.

First, I needed something that was fragrance free. Though I love to smell amazing, most fragrances are alcohol based and can immediately dry out and irritate your skin. Next, I knew I needed something hydrating, gentle on my skin, brightening and in time I wanted to have glowing complexion. Enter WLDKAT’s Saffron + Oat Milk Glow Serum. It checked off all those boxes AND it was cruelty free. It was a no brainer for me. I’ve been using the product consistently for the last 5 months since stopping my Accutane and it’s truly been amazing. It’s light weight, keeps my skin hydrated and has significantly helped with evening out my hyper pigmentation.

The hype is real and it’s worth every penny. $39 dollars to be exact.

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