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As soon as I start to notice the holiday’s coming around, I start to wonder what gift ideas I can get my friends and family. Thankfully, gift giving has always been my specialty. Whether it is gifts for him or gifts for her I always want to make sure it is something I know they will love. With all the stress and difficulties going on in the world I know one thing, most everyone I know is a little stressed and it is showing. Thus, I have decided to create unique gift sets for all my closest friends and family.

Need Gift Ideas for Guys?

It is awesome to see more guys comfortable talking about their skincare. Especially since a few years ago most of them would not be caught in public talking about it. All my close friends play golf. Being out in the sun on grass for 5 hours every weekend is can be gritty and drying. That is exactly why all these friends will be getting The Moisturizing Duo set. This combo will help their skin be hydrated and refreshed. I would get them our cleanser but most of them just use whatever their ladies have nearby.

Need Gift Ideas for Her?

Gifts for girlfriends can be hard because, well, they are your girlfriend. I will say this, my SAFFRON + OAT MILK Glow Serum has never been on my side on the sink since I got it. Not only is it not even by the sink anymore, but it has also completely disappeared to her bathroom cabinet. And my Mini Spray has made it into her purse! Throw in some chocolate, a nice card, and something sentimental and us guys are good to go!

Gift Ideas for the Fam?

My pops loves books, my mom is obsessed with Glassy Babies, and my sister loves home décor. Of course, I will be getting them some gifts that fall in line with the above but I can’t leave out gifts that will help combat the stress and craziness of 2020. Although I moved to Southern California 7 years ago my family still lives up in the cold Pacific Northwest, in Seattle. All of them will be getting the CUPUACU + MANGO BUTTER Lip Balm in O.G. to help with any dry, chapped lips.  Pair that with my favorite WLDKAT product, our pH Balancing Patchouli + Cherimoya Gel Cleanser, to help keep a good complexion during tough winter months!

I hope that we can all take some moments to unwind and enjoy being present with our families during these upcoming holidays. It has been an incredibly difficult year and there’s no way better we can go into the next year than with love, family and friends, and gift-giving.

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