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News Flash: Moisturizer Spot Treating Is A THING.


Here at WLDKAT, we preach that beauty and life are anything but routine. I know, at first, it’s kind of a complex statement to grasp. People love routines; I love routines; how can skincare not be a routine? 

But then that one morning happens, and you accidentally start with a skin tonic before cleansing, irritating, but your skin feels and looks the greatest it has in MONTHS. Then it clicks, a moment of clarity because you just experienced the greatest accidental discovery ever…right next to penicillin. So it’s out the door with a traditional skincare routine because you discovered your own. And that’s the beauty of it; we all have different skin types, so why should every skincare routine be the same? 

Anyway, using a traditional skincare routine can get a little complicated when your skin lives the best of both worlds. Take combination skin, for example, oily in some places but dry for the rest. So what’s the remedy? Moisturizer spot treatment! 

Instead of playing tug of war between a heavy moisturizer and a lightweight gel, you can slug a heavier moisturizer for a dry nose and a lightweight gel for an oily face (like in my case). And as a consensual living experiment, I can attest that spot treating your moisturizer is a game-changer.

 Speaking on behalf of dry skin, I recommend spot treating dyer areas with our Starflower + Snow Mushroom ultra-hydrating sleep mask. Since it’s enriched with snow mushroom extract, it delivers 400 times more hydrating properties to the skin than sodium hyaluronate. 

But for our oily community, I recommend spot treating oiler areas with our Mushroom + Moss moisturizing gel cream. Again, snow mushroom extract does the hydrating trick. But this time in a gel-cream, so hydration won’t weigh you down. Perfect for oily skin. And of course, thank me later.

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