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My name is Joshua. I’m fortunate enough to have had a career in beauty for 20ish years. I’ve hustled as a makeup artist in NYC. I’ve worked big beauty retail events in shopping malls across the country. I’ve even sold fragrance at ‘The Great State Fair of Oklahoma”. My current job is Head of Education for the ultimate clean beauty retailer, Credo. I see a plethora of beauty products day in and day out. Lotions, potions, creams, powders, tools, cosmetics… they’re literally my life. The point is, I’m no stranger to beauty products.

The clean beauty industry is on fire right now with new product developments every single day. This is how I came to know and love WLDKAT! Their lightweight formulas and easy to understand products make skincare so simple. Not only that but they loooooove CBD. And you guessed it, so do I. CBD is a dreamboat ingredient that helps to calm my ghostly pale, sensitive skin. I will not start my day without it.

So here’s the deal. Products come and go… so you have to know what your “ride-or-dies” are in your routine. These are the products that you always go back to because you KNOW they work for your skin. Without a doubt, my “ride-or-dies” are WLDKAT’s Saffron and Oatmilk Glow Serum and the Starflower + Snow Mushroom Sleep Mask.

The Saffron and Oatmilk Glow Serum is a mega dose of CBD and deep hydration. It’s lightweight and absorbs into my skin right away. So on days that I wear makeup I don’t have to stress over it sliding around on top of a bunch of slimy skin care.

The Starflower + Snow Mushroom Sleep Mask…. Where do I begin? Do you ever have days that you feel like no matter what you put on your skin it just never feels/looks better? I’m so so so so dry all the time. It makes my skin look dull and tired. This mask kick starts my skin to having a fresh glow! I genuinely feel like the rest of my skin care does a much better job after using this mask. The lush hydration and smoothing effect also help so I don’t have to wear as much makeup! My skin just looks and feels flawless after one use!

Believe me when I say: I have a major crush on WLDKAT!!!!!! There’s a ton of products out there… but nothing quite like WLDKAT. It’s simple, effective and made by some pretty rad people. You owe it to your skin to experience the KAT ;)

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