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Meet the “Lazy” Glow Essential That Will Make Your Skin Look Better While You Sleep.

Skincare Slackers Unite.

Let’s set the record straight, ok? We LOVE a serious nighttime routine. The washing, exfoliating, and the assorted pumps of magical serums and oils before hitting the sheets is no doubt a sensorial experience, but some nights we wish it was uhhh.. a little easier? Depending on when we get to bed, (Raise your hand if you’re also binge watching The Crown.) sometimes we just want to wash our face, turn on our white noise machine, and knock out as fast as humanly possible. Lucky for skincare slackers everywhere, we just launched our newest nighttime essential: Starflower + Snow Mushroom ultra-hydrating sleep mask.

Just swipe it on, knock out, and wake up to glowy, more hydrated skin.

Hold up? What’s a sleep mask?

Hugely popular in South Korea, the purpose is to create a hydrating “seal” on top of your skin that deeply hydrates while making anything underneath it penetrates even better. The best part? You don’t have to wash it off. Meaning no more messy applications or accidently smudging it on your S.O’s t-shirt. (Sorry, babe.)

What will it do for my skin?

Besides working like an invisible “band aid” to seal in all the skincare goodness you’ve already applied during your usual nighttime routine, WK sleep mask can work all on it’s own to deliver essential fatty acids and adaptogens to help plump and hydrate your skin overnight. Fair warning: This is the type of overnight treatment that has us running to the bathroom mirror in the morning to assess the past night’s glowing results.

What is Starflower and why is it good for my skin?

Starflower extract AKA, Borago oil, is a cold-pressed, buzzworthy ingredient that’s been tapped as a source to treat an array of topical concerns. Labeled as an omega-6 fatty acid stunner, this soothing ingredient knocks out redness and moister loss in a snap to reveal glowing skin overnight.

What is Snow Mushroom and why is it good for my skin?

Strangely beautiful and translucent in color, these jelly-like mushrooms grow on decaying wood and looks like they arrived from another planet. (Okay, wow.) Rich in vitamin D, amino acids, and minerals, this powerhouse ingredient delivers 400 times more hydrating properties to the skin than sodium hyaluronate. The result? Seriously plump skin without feeling weighed down.

What skin type is WK Sleep Mask good for?

We formulated this sleep treatment mask to be universal for all skin types. If your skin type feels normal to dry, we recommend using sleep mask nightly. If you skin type leans towards feeling more combination to oily, we recommend to start by using sleep mask 3-4 nights a week and asses your needs.

How should I incorporate sleep mask into my routine?

As the final step of your nighttime routine, apply like a moisturizer to clean skin. Hit the sheets. Follow your usual daytime skin routine in the morning.

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