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“I Can Do WHAT With My WLDKAT?” Tips On How To Use WLDKAT Wrong On Purpose

Written by: Amanda Rodriguez 

You know the vibes. We all have our staple beauty products that we’ve used “off label” (sometimes in a pinch, sometimes because of sheer curiosity) to make our faces and bodies that much happier, softer, and glowier. This only confirms one thing we’ve already known to be true: Always but especially in this day-in age, you can make up your own rules in beauty. Peep our collective WKHQ list below on how we love to use WLDKAT wrong on purpose.  

Razor bumps? Never heard of her: 

Dammit, you’re out of your go-to shave cream and you’re not about to use that bar soap to get the job done. WE GOT YOU, fam. Squeeze out a small amount of Patchouli + Cherimoya gel cleanser and swipe on where you’re looking to achieve silky-smooth dolphin skin.  

Max out the GLOW: 

New flash. Your skincare routine shouldn’t to start and end at your face. Dealing with dehydration or discoloration on your neck, chest or even your hands? Shake a generous dose of Ginger + Kombucha bubbling tonic to the face and the areas that need some extra TLC before applying your nighttime moisturizer and hitting the sheets.  

Hydrated AND Sustainable. We love to see it: 

Out of your lightweight moisturizer and only have that thick wintertime cream on hand? Dilute it with Coconut Water + Noni Fruit Electrolyte spray! Mix a little cream and spray in your hand for a custom lightweight hydration. Boom. NO WASTE! 

Lazy day “No makeup” makeup: 

Having a great skin day, but looking for that extra “oomph” with minimal effort? Mix Mushroom + Moss gel cream with a liquid highlighter to have a “natural glow” when you want that “I’m fresh without my makeup” vibe. 


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