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Halloween Makeup - Skincare Prep

Whether you're vamping it up, or staying in and consuming your weight in candy, Halloween can do a number on your skin. The WLDKAT team gives their skin prep tips to ensure your Halloween makeup is more spooky than sad this October 31st.

Tip 1: "A wild Halloweekend calls for some extra steps in your skincare routine! If you can't resist the candy like me, sugar is the main culprit of puffiness and inflammation. I love moisturizing my skin the night before with jojoba and tea tree oil to kill off any bad bacteria causing last min breakouts, then locking it in with our overnight sleep mask! When it's time to dress up, our gel cream and glow serum give me everything I need. All. damn. day." – Jade

Tip 2: "I start my night with the Starflower + Snow Mushroom Mask for 30 minutes before heavy foundation. It makes for smoother makeup application and delivers hydration my skin will need to stay fresh all night long. Morticia will not be looking dry or cakey." -Liz

Tip 3: "My dog and I are dressing up as Wayne and Garth, watching a scary movie marathon, and eating seasonal pumpkin-shaped Reese's cups (Why do they taste better!?). To counteract my next level sugar consumption that evening, I'll swipe on Ginger + Kombucha skin tonic, layer it with Saffron + Oat Milk glow serum, and slap on a reusable sheet mask for 20 mins to make that skincare put in a little more work!" -Amanda 

Tip 4: "Mushroom + Moss moisturizing gel cream is my go-to for Halloween makeup prep (and daily prep in general). It absorbs quickly and hydrates instantly, creating the smoothest canvas for any makeup application… plus I love to mix some in with my full coverage foundation and create a custom tinted moisturizer for days off." -Nicole

Tip 5: "Before applying my makeup, I would go with the less-is-more angle. Keep your skincare a bit lighter so your makeup sets and stays all night. But it is still important to use products that prep skin and protect your microbiome. First, gently cleanse your face to get rid of any of the day’s buildup. Apply Ginger + Kombucha skin tonic and follow with a light layer of Mushroom + Moss gel cream. Post party? Cleanse and cleanse again, and maybe even a third time depending on how much of that white drugstore Halloween makeup you squished into your pores. After, I would go through the whole process…Ginger Tonic, Saffron + Oat Milk Serum, Orchid Eye Gel, Starflower Sleep Mask to put that hydration back into your skin." - Amy Z

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