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Getting The Jlo Glow Has Never Been Easier

Written by Julia Morgan.


Glowing skin. Something that is near and dear to my heart. You might look at me and say, “Isn’t she lovely, this [glowing] girl”. (Sorry not sorry, I’ll take any opportunity to drop a Britney reference. 😊) But ya girl wasn’t always like this. Although you can catch me on any given day with natural glowing skin, it definitely didn’t happen overnight. Whether your skin is dry or oily or somewhere in between, a natural, supple, hydrated glow is something you have to work towards. And I’m about to spill my secrets. Remember, this is a judgment free zone.  

Let’s back up for a moment to when I was the ripe, young, hormonal age of 12. I was starting to experience acne and dry, flaky skin. What a recipe for disaster. I remember being so embarrassed of my dry skin that I would go into the bathroom at school and use CHAPSTICK on the flaky parts of my skin so I wouldn’t look so dry. definitely give Baby Julia snaps for being resourceful, but I’m sorry you had to hear about it (judgment free zone, remember?).  

Flash forward to only a couple of years ago, when I moved from living on the east coast my whole life to my new fresh, Southern California living. Don’t get me wrong, it IS amazing here, but what they don’t tell you is HOW DRY THE AIR IS! I remember my first winter here I was merely a flake of dust in the wind. As a child, I would get eczema, but eventually I outgrew it. Well, surprise! My eczema came back as an adult in this dry climate. Point being that dry skin is always something I’ve dealt with and, left unattended, it has its own agenda.  

But there’s hope to this story, ya’llHAVE found a few things that help dry skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Have you tried drinking water? :) :) :) :) JK, I’m not one of those b%tches that thinks drinking water is the cure all for everything and you don’t need any other remedy. BUT, If you aren’t drinking enough water, your skin will be crying (and also probably the rest of your body).

As far as a skincare routine goes, first off, don’t cleanse your skin so much. I opt for a cold water rinse in the morning, and only a cleanse at night. The WLDKAT gel cleanser doesn’t strip at all, so I no longer worry about my nightly cleanse drying me out. Also, if you are pretty much the spawn of Satan and enjoy scolding hot water (no judgment, I’m known to enjoy a boiling hot shower), you might need to give that up. I have found that cleansing my skin with super-hot water might feel good, but it ultimately dries you out so much.  

Second, make sure you incorporate lots of hydrating and protective ingredients into your skincare routine. The WLDKAT Saffron + Oat milk glow serum is PACKED with the hydration your skin is begging you for. I have always found with eczema, that products with oats are so protective and gentle, and help heal dry skin. Not to mention, this product has 1,000 MG of CBD (!!!).  

Another secret I have had in my back pocket (literally) is using the WLDKAT Coconut Water + Noni Fruit Electrolyte SprayI hope you do not underestimate the power of a spray; they aren’t just a skincare trend. The WLDKAT spray is PACKED with so many hydrating ingredients, and the glow you get after you spray it is instantaneous. There is now a travel size version of this product that comes in handy to spritz your face throughout the day. I keep mine on my desk and spray myself every hour, on the hour. Not to mention, this is the only CBD facial spray I know of on the market. 

That brings me to my last point, which is how much using CBD topically has helped the dryness and redness in my skin. Not only incorporating this glow serum, but all WLDKAT products in tandem has made serious improvements on my skin. The WLDKAT Saffron + Oat milk glow serum  is a really easy way for a CBD newbie to start incorporating a simple but powerful product into your routine. Now go out there, and shine like the early 2000’s pop star you were meant to be. Too much?  

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