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Friends of WLDKAT: Whitney Elinor

Meet Friend of WLDKAT, Whitney Elinor. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based lifestyle, beauty, and fashion vlogger (and her sassy cat, Rosa) to see what she’s been creating while spending time in her new crib, what vice she plans on giving up in 2021 and how’s she’s learning to embrace those “awkward” sides of herself like our favorite motivational mirror rapper, Issa Rae.

1. Where ya living these days? Currently I am living in Brooklyn, Ny! I am a Brooklyn girl through and through. Born and bred.

2. Preferred Pronouns: She/her

3. Give us a snapshot on “Who you are” in one sentence. I have always been a curious and creative being! I am constantly creating and in need of a creative outlet: poetry, dance or photography.

4. How do you start your day? I have made such a strong effort to not roll over and reach for my phone first thing in the morning which is a habit, instead I reach for my dream journal or my planner; so that I have some sort of routine for the day ahead.

5. Favorite IG account you’ve recently followed? @oriental_cats_union. I am an animal lover and I love the way that oriental shorthairs look. They look like Wild Kats(i’m also V corny)

6. It’s the top of the New Year! What artists and podcasts are you listening to that’s helping you set your 2021 intentions? I am an avid listener of the Black Girl In Om podcast as well as my fellow cancerian fav Rambling with Egypt. As for music, it all depends on the day ;but meditation sounds help while journaling.

7. What have you been working on lately that you’re super proud of? Deciding to host and produce my talk show titled A Monday Moment is something that I am very proud of! I am now working on Season 2 and beyond excited to see what the future holds.

8. Your go-to WLDKAT product and why it’s claimed a spot on your skincare shelf? It is so hard to pick, if I had to choose I would say I am constantly using and almost out of the Cupuacu Mango Butter balm. It is probably the best balm I have ever used hands down.

9. What’s one vice you wish you could give up? I absolutely love SWEETS and being that we are in lockdown I am always reaching for a snack. My skin has made the executive decision for the both of us that I will give it up in 2021.

10. I am happiest when I’m… I am happiest when I am cuddled up with my kitty Rosa or taking a candlelit bath.

11. I’m stressed when… I’m stressed when things are unorganized OR I get a major breakout. Not fun

12. What tv or movie character do you most identify with? Issa Rae in Awkward Black Girl not the current glow'd up and flourishing Issa Rae (maybe in some ways). In High School and the beginning of undergrad I felt like the “awkward” black girl in most situations. I have learned to embrace my quirky and unique approach more than anything.

13. What is the WILDEST thing on planet earth? Patriarchy. I’ve never understood it.

14. Favorite food? I am Haitian-American so most of my favorite meals are traditional Haitian dishes. One in particular has to be soup Joumou. It is a squash based soup that holds a lot of history behind it.

15. What are 3 self-care essentials you cannot live without? Water, Rest and Music. Honestly I love a good face mask and serum but if you aren’t taking care of your mental it all just goes out the window.

16. What’s one thing that people don’t know about you? I am absolutely, positively, deathly afraid of heights but I now enjoy flying. One day I would love to go skydiving as well.

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