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Friends of WLDKAT: La Frida Lokah

Meet our very first Friend of WLDKAT, La Frida Lokah. We caught up with the LA native to see how she’s been caring for herself in the New Year, making her passion for burlesque possible in a Covid world, and what selfcare essentials make her happiest of all. Hint: We’re hitting her line when the World safely opens and we can hit a dance party.

Where ya living these days? LA county born, bred, and still here.

Preferred Pronouns: She/They

Give us a snapshot on “Who you are” in one sentence. “A living work of art.”

How do you start your day? Usually with a cup of cold brewed something (tea or coffee depending on the days activities), a couple of chill pills (doctors orders), and a warm up for my body.

Favorite IG account you’ve recently followed? I’ve recently discovered a legend by the name of TwoWheels Barbette (@2wheelsbarbette). She is a professional roller skater who skates on her front wheels alone! It’s one of the CRAZIEST things you’ll ever see!! I can watch her all day.

It’s the top of the New Year! What artists and podcasts are you listening to that’s helping you set your 2021 intentions?  Logic and Panic! At the Disco have been long time favorites on my playlists. This past year Princess Nokia, Labrinth, and Chloe x Halle have all been my go to’s. As for Podcasts, anything on the supernatural or witchcraft and I’m sold. Lately I’ve been more on the lookout for any indigenous practices from both Mexico and Central America in order to learn more about my lineage.

What have you been working on lately that you’re super proud of? I just produced my first Virtual Burlesque Show this past November. Hopefully it won’t be the last!!

Your go-to WLDKAT product and why it’s claimed a spot on your skincare shelf? Is this a trick question? I use the entire line! However, my husband and I have definitely been fighting over who gets to take the O.G. lip balm whenever one us has to go out.

What’s one vice you wish you could give up? My profanity…if only for my mom’s sake LOL.

I am happiest when I’m… doing whatever TF I want!

I’m stressed when I’m… told what to do, without context. “Why” just happens to be my favorite word.

What tv or movie character do you most identify with? If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said I’m an Aaron Burr. I carefully planned everything, waited patiently for opportunity. Then along came 2020 and definitely brought out the Hamilton in me so I don’t plan to throw away any more shots.

What is the WILDEST thing on planet earth? Have you seen @2wheelsbarbette?

Favorite food? Three words. MAC AND CHEESE. Any and EVERY combo or recipe. 

What are 3 selfcare essentials you cannot live without? My candles, tarot cards, and a pair of dancing shoes.

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you? I’m pretty good at singing mariachi, according to my family.

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