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Friends of WLDKAT - Janine Lee

Meet Friend of WLDKAT, Janine Lee. We caught up with the entrepreneur and NYC mama-to-be (Major congrats: She’s got TWIN BOYS on the way) to see how she’s keeping things Zen through her first pregnancy, what WK essentials have her glowing for those back to back Zoom meetings and discovered that she’s anxiously waiting for SZA to drop the new album just like the rest of us. BRB, queuing up “Good Days” and body rolling through the crib.

Where ya living these days? NYC! Been in Brooklyn, but just moved to Queens!

Preferred Pronouns: She/her/they

Give us a snapshot on “Who you are” in one sentence. Chill & ambitious at the same damn time.

How do you start your day? First things first ~ I don’t look at any emails, texts OR scroll for at least an hour (sometimes less if I overslept and my anxiety is riding at dawn).  I like to drink hella water, jade roll my puffy ass face and wake up with coffee or tea and a nosh.  Lately it’s been coffee and I started grinding my own beans, so I really have to work for it ;)  I try and hit a yoga moment, either stretching or a longer, brisk walk with my main man, bad boy Bodie.  THEN and only then, will I check the phone and start to reply to the folks!

Favorite IG account you’ve recently followed? Seriously honest LOL but @antiochtweets has had me giggin left and right and @gabagoolgram cuz I’m rewatching Sopranos and I love sending the posts to my man.

It’s the top of the New Year! What artists and podcasts are you listening to that’s helping you set your 2021 intentions? Spotify told me Summer Walker, Frank Ocean and Megan Thee Stallion were my top artists of 2020, and SZA just dropped Good Days to kick off 2021 - a blessing - can’t wait for the album.   I’m a heavy believer in sound meditation, nature and crystal bowl vibes, so that's def on loop all the time when I’m meditating, working.  Drop that white noise jam.

What have you been working on lately that you’re super proud of? Honestly, thyself.  I recently revealed I’m expecting - TWINS - and it’s been a journey of self-acceptance, persistence and shedding toxic body image thoughts.  I’ve been able to embrace my body and be like ya I’m looking different and experiencing growth in more ways than one.  The way we (womxn) think about ourselves can be so demoralizing trying to live up to unrealistic beauty standards and comparisons - and you don’t even realize you’re really so perfect as you are.  I challenge you to look back at a photo of you from 2019 or even before when you ‘weren’t happy’ with yourself and see how gorgeous you look. 

Your go-to WLDKAT product and why it’s claimed a spot on your skincare shelf? Right now I’m seriously loving the Mushroom + Moss gel cream post hot shower.  And cuz it’s brick and dry as f out here on the east coast, I’m spritzing the Coconut Water + Noni Fruit electrolyte spray and swiping on the Cupuacu + Mango Butter lip balm on 24/7, cuz she’s a multitasker: hydrating and dewy on video chat!

What’s one vice you wish you could give up? Procrastination ~ the best and worst vice.  Gives me time to have space for myself and presses me when I’ve reached my limit.  It's like a drug I can’t quite quit! 

I am happiest when I’m…I’ve slept for 8+ hours and didn't wake up with heart palpitating anxiety + taking the longest hot shower and the water never gets cold.

I’m stressed when…People take up two parking spaces unnecessarily - why?  And when strangers are standing way too close to me mid-pandemic, like excuse me ma’am can you please back up while I grab these eggs?

What tv or movie character do you most identify with? I don’t know if I’ve ever really identified whole heartedly with a movie or tv character tbh...  She’s an original baby!

What is the WILDEST thing on planet earth? Everything about mushrooms and the historical fact that sharks have been on the planet for 420 million years?!?!  That’s one 420 fact that straight up blows my mind. 

Favorite food? Hot plate Mexican food. 

What are 3 self-care essentials you cannot live without? Hot Showers, Flower and Spa Pedicures with the extra foot massage. 

What’s one thing that people don’t know about you? I love a live sporting event.  Grew up playing team sports so when the opportunity comes to go to a college, pro or tournament game - I’m so down!  Also go UCONN!

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