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Clean Beauty

It was not that long ago that the skincare space, especially the clean skincare space, was pretty much a sea of white, figuratively and literally.  Almost all skincare products were packaged in white jars, with white boxes, and marketed to white women. It was the standard we all came to recognize and accept.  Cut to 2020 and the clean beauty landscape has changed, for the better.

Queue the music…

At WLDKAT, we question the status quo on the daily and have our own set of rules that we live by. After all, we are not really interested in being like everybody else.

WLDKAT rules:

Zero white packaging – Gone are the days where skincare has to have a white label with a black logo to make us think it works.  We have moved beyond that, finally.  You won’t see any white packaging from WLDKAT, as we think skincare should be an extension of your style and have more than just a little personality.

Clean skincare formulas housed in sustainable packaging is a must – To us, these two have to exist together as one without the other seems like you are only putting in half the effort.  If you are going to go to all of the work to make clean formulas (not an easy task, BTW) then you have to put the effort into their packages as well. We have worked really hard to create the WLDKAT formulas (we even made the Credo cut) that work hard and we worked just as hard on the packaging, being extra conscious of our footprint on mother earth. 

Vegan and cruelty-free, of course – Did you know we are Leaping Bunny certified?

Transparency all day, every day (see our Never Ever list and our Hells Yes list) – No curtain to hide behind here.  We proudly publish the ingredients in all of our formulas, the COA’s showing the CBD potency testing, our packaging material specs, and anything else you might want to know.  We even showed you our dads (see Father’s Day post).

Representation (how is this still a thing?) – WLDKAT is a party where everyone is invited, seriously. We have no interest in “exclusivity” of any sort, for any reason. Inclusivity and representation is important, as well as healthy ingredients free of harsh chemicals that cater to all complexions. If nothing else, it’s plain boring and unhealthy to see the same tired, archaic “beauty playbook” that we’ve been fed since we were born. In short: When you see us, our hope is that you see yourself. 


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