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Beauty Sleep 2.0: The Ultimate Overnight Skincare Routine

Best friends make each other great because of who they are when they stand on their own. That is why they are the other piece to complete you, because hey...two is always better than one.

Like all the great shows, movies, books, and condiments out there, skincare has its BFFs too: liquid exfoliant and moisturizer.

YUCCA + LACTIC ACID liquid exfoliant combines yucca, 11% lactic acid, and 10% glycolic acid to create a powerful leave-on exfoliant. Our LE (liquid exfoliant) helps remove lingering dead skin cells and unclogs pores for a smooth and glowing finish. At the frontlines, our LE also helps improve the appearance of discoloration, enlarged pores, and blemishes.

STARFLOWER + SNOW MUSHROOM ultra-hydrating sleep mask brings in serious hydrating reinforcements without weighing you down. Our formula uses the perfect mix of the power of cold-pressed, essential fatty acid-rich Starflower oil and adaptogen-laced Snow Mushroom extract. Accepting of all skin types, our nighttime treatment helps instantly plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines.

Together they are the Serena to their Blair. Yes, our skincare BFFs independently shine on their own, but together they glow. Moisture is essential after exfoliating the skin. Because of any and all moisture loss from exfoliating, using a super hydrating moisturizer like our sleep mask helps rejuvenate and activate a smooth finish.

Curious about this dynamic glowy skin duo? It's time to exfoliate in your sleep and glow by morning with our newest duo, The Dream Team. Available now and exclusive to

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