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Bacteria, Bugs, and Microbiomes – The Glowing Benefits to Kombucha in Skincare

Not to freak you out or anything, but your skin actually is the home and residence to TRILLIONS of teeny tiny bugs. To be even more specific, the bacteria, fungi, and viruses living all over you are apart of your skin’s natural microbiome and research shows that they are a secret weapon to achieve your healthiest and most radiant skin yet.

So now that you know this weird fact, what exactly is its purpose? Less creepy than it sounds, your microbiome is made up of a network of millions of microorganisms that hangout on the surface of your skin while keeping things in check and letting you know when and if things are getting out of balance. What things am I referring to? Our good friends eczema, acne, and premature signs of aging! Fun wow.

So how does one help support the balance of this powerful and natural ecosystem for good? Surprisingly, Kombucha (also known as black tea ferment), may already have a familiar home in your fridge or growing on your kitchen counter. But for once, this isn’t about eating or drinking your way to a healthier complexion but applying it topically. Packed with probiotics to feed the good bacteria on your skin and peptides which supports firmer, bouncier skin, Kombucha acts like your skin’s bodyguard, protecting it against free radical damage and delivering serious luminosity when incorporated into a daily skincare routine. 

Now that we’ve confirmed that Kombucha is almost as multifaceted as Beyonce, (I apologize, I just needed a reason to bring up that our Queen is now the most-winning female singer in Grammy history.) how does one integrate this probiotic boss into their glowy skincare routine? Enter community favorite, Ginger + Kombucha bubbling skin tonic. Straddling the line between being a toner and a juicy serum, this dreamy and naturally ginger scented “fat water” is inspired by our love for the Korean skincare staple, essence. What is essence? A concentrated and lightweight liquid that can be used daily, our formula works to create a smoother, brighter, and more hydrated skin almost instantly. To use, cleanse skin and gently pat dry. Next, spray complexion with Coconut + Noni Fruit electrolyte spray. Then apply Ginger + Kombucha bubbling skin tonic by dispensing a bit directly into the palm of your hand and evenly applying to the face and neck. I like using a tapping motion, but I also spend a lot of time watching skincare applications on YouTube, so you do you. Now you can finish up your routine with your favorite serum, moisturizer, and SPF and can continue your day knowing that you’ve contributed to feeding your skin the food it needs. Now that we’ve figured that out, what’s for breakfast?

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