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A WLDKAT Playlist: Music for Weekends by The Pool

Summer is just around the corner. That means longer days, pulling out last year’s warm weather clothing, stocking up on our favorite sunscreen, and readying ourselves with our poolside essentials: A semi-trashy summer beach read, something to keep our drinks ice cold, and most importantly: a fresh summer playlist.

But what exactly goes into creating the ultimate summertime playlist? A couple of things according to our staff. First, don’t worry about making it too long. If you plan on taking a road trip, having a picnic at the park with the crew, or lounging by the pool for a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the LAST thing that you want is to hear the same songs playing an hour later. Speaking of location: Make sure the playlist travels well. Don’t get hung up on a specific mood or theme. Remember that there are endless moments to match the playlist to your potential summer vibe, so make sure give it some variety. No tempo, artist, or genre is off limits. The only rule to keep in mind is to add songs that speak to you and your summertime energy. If you have essential tracks that bring back carefree summertime memories, add it. The most important thing is to create new memories with folks that you love while listening to a cool track list that hopefully sets the tone.

Looking for some inspiration for your summer soundtrack? Check out our WLDKAT staff playlist: Music for Weekends by The Pool. It’s easy to listen to, hard to turn off, and perfect for your next camping adventure, late night drive alone with the windows down, or sunny afternoon looking at the clouds.

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