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5 WLD Skin Questions With LA Based Esthetician, Brittany Thomas

At dinner, in the back of a ride share, even waiting in line for coffee, beauty experts do it everywhere—answer your most burning self-care questions, that is. (We know where your brain was going.) That's because when your skin glows like a lightbulb or your brows are flawlessly groomed, folks are going to notice. So, for those of you who we don’t get to interact with IRL, we're connecting with some of our favorite skin and beauty know-it-alls to spill 5 hot takes that we love to ask.

Meet Brittany Thomas (@skinbaesaidso): LA based content creator, esthetician, and pro makeup artist (she also happens to live on our permanent skin inspo board) and learn about the skincare ingredients she can't live without, where her love for beauty and self-care stems from, and how she gets her iconic gleamy glow.

Worst skincare fail?Omg! There have been soooo many. Being an esthetician and content creator, I am sent so many products to test. I more recently got caught up in the complete joy of product testing that I forgot to read the read ingredients and honey, my skin screamed at me out LOUD! Colloidal oatmeal is NOT, my friend! So word to the wise, ALWAYS read the ingredients and directions of usage on every product label. Luckily, the oat milk and saffron serum came to rescue. My breakout was gone completely in 3 days!” 

Skincare ingredient/product you could never live without? “I cannot, will not ever live without oils. More respectively, I will not live without grape seed oil. Molecularly it is one of the closest oils to the genetic composition of our skin. It penetrates well, acts as an amazing carrier when using actives and overall is sooo beneficial in supporting a strong skin barrier. Runner up: Azalaeic Acid. Gentle acid for treating and gently resurfacing skin without breaking it down!”

Skin crush / skin muse?My skin muse is my mother. Honestly, she’s perfect. Lol. Not because she tries hard but bc she takes the time and effort to research and find what’s best for her skin in its entirety. My mother is a part of where I got the inspo for “Skintimacy”. Skintimacy is earnest commitment to knowing and loving oneself, no matter the season or reason. My mission for myself and clients is to bridge the gap between skin, spirit and sensuality.

Most controversial (wildest?) skin habit? “LMAO, so my partner cracks up at me because I pick “phantom hairs”. I’m obsessed with being hairless lol. I’ll be sitting watching tv or talking and I’m just “hand tweezing” imaginary hairs. Lol. It’s hilarious. Honestly, nothing is there, like nothing because I’ve tweezed or waxed it all away. It’s really sad.”

Favorite WLDKAT product? “Ugh it’s soooo hard to choose a favorite so, I’m going to build a SkinBae survival kit.

First, Saffron + Oat Milk glow serum: Oat milk and saffron are amazing adaptogens, hydrants and anti-inflammatory agents. Safe for most especially those with dairy and most inflammatory skin conditions. That’s what saved me from my breakout and the glow is phenomenal. 

Second would be the Mushroom + Moss gel cream moisturizer. Can we take a moment for the mega moisture monster, puhleeeaaaseee! I actually use the moisturizer all the time. Like I use with my other facial oils and even my liquid foundation. I’m really big on a lighter coverage with major glow and this is my secret sauce! It sheers out the coverage whilst keeping me dewy and protected! 10 out of 10.

Third, Orchid Stem Cell + Magnolia Berry eye gel! I mean everything about it is a no brainer. It’s reparative, hydrating, evening and brightening. The gel texture isn’t slimy or thick which makes it amazing for everyday use, for everyone. I’m a huge advocate of eye creams/gels because the skin in that area is so thin, which leaves it susceptible to tearing, poor circulation and fine lines. While I welcome longer life and aging gracefully, if I can slow down the appearance of seasoned skin she is and she will. Lol. Anyway, I know you asked for one, but I couldn’t choose because I love them all. Which is why I stand behind this statement. My name is SkinBae and I am complete.”


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