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Ask A Founder: "What Do Wild ingredients and Modern Technology Mean?

Q: "Hey Amy? When it comes to creating products with wild ingredients and modern technology, how does a product pass this litmus test? How do you know you've created your newest WK baby?"

AZ: "Great question! “Wild ingredients” doesn’t mean each ingredient has to be necessary wild. It is about the pairing of ingredients that can be wild or feel unexpected. For instance, Oat Milk isn’t the wildest ingredient in the world, but marrying it with Saffron is pretty unexpected. We think about each and every formula differently as well. Snow Mushrooms are innately pretty wild as an ingredient and so infusing them into our gel cream and sleep mask felt right because of their incredible hydrating and soothing properties. But it isn’t just about those wild ingredients that make a WK product. They have to be paired with what we like to call modern technology. Meaning, formulas that have body and function like they say they do, unexpected sensorial experiences, have a shelf life, and that is safe for all skin types. It can sound like a tall order, but it's the juxtaposition of those two concepts that set WLKDAT products apart from others in the space."

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