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WLDKAT Is Disrupting The Beauty Industry In The Middle Of A Pandemic

The launch of skincare brand WLDKAT was perfectly planned. There was going to be a splashy fete in New York City’s Lower East Side in March, where WLDKAT would take over a bodega for a couple of days where influencers, press, investors, friends and family could visit the branded bodega and learn all about the new products. There was an after-hours bash at a speakeasy—every detail was thought out. Then COVID-19 hit. Everything was scrapped and a completely new approach had to be created. “We didn’t have this pre-launch strategy and weren’t putting WLDKAT out into the atmosphere because we really wanted to wait for that pretty crazy in-person moment,” says Amy Zunzunegui, CEO and Founder of WLDKAT. “That morning we needed to cancel, we put our heads together and pivoted to a completely online strategy. That’s the beauty of a start-up—when there’s only seven of you, you can be really scrappy, really quick. We don’t know anything different. This is our normal because we don’t have anything to compare it to.”

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